I should be doing work but here I am, laughing at this

Ryan please don’t open your mouth like that.

On a serious note, this is how they separate CG from handdrawing, I guess?

The eternal struggle of a parent: explain your awful taste in toys to your children.

Someday Kotetsu, someday you will win, all you need to do is ask.

I had one of those crappy days when all you want to do is just go to your bed and sleep but I still have work to do and I have to wake up at 4 AM.

I decided to look at my treasure, my BD Box, it was the best desicion.

I wish I could have the heart to break the spine of the encyclopedia and scan it but probably this will be my little treasure for a long time.

Anyway,  first thing I notice? The formal outfits the heroes are wearing.

Next in the encyclopedia, we have “S” for “Stern Bild”… Jesus I wonder why they haven’t released an artbook…. the aquarium looks fabulous, the view of the front of the three levels is niiiiice.

The “I” goes for “Identity” and has pics of PaoLin, Keith, Ivan, Keith and Antonio under “facing yourself”

Nathan shares the subtitle “conflict” and it shows Nathan in school uniform and [spoiler].

Kotetsu and Barnaby are under “Mirror images” and well as many people pointed out Bunny vs Scott and Tiger vs Lunatic were mirrors of past and present.

And my favorite poster illustration is the first picture that greets you, it is sooooo  beautiful.

I am happy now, problems didn’t disappear but now I am not pessimistic.



Celebrating 3 years since the end of TIGER and BUNNY.



Source: Hiroshi Ueda’s twitter account.

Based Ueda-san drawing them perfectly.

>the script and direction have been roundly panned.

Which is the part that matters, even in Latin America, this movie was another proof that you also have to sync with your writing team.

I am still mad that they chose to make this AU but an AU that erased Shaina and Marin, which were my favorite female saints, I was waiting for Shaina to be revealed as the thirteen house but then no.

Talking about things I want… I want this poster of the movie, it is my favorite of all   (*´ ˘ `*).。oO ( ♡  タイバニ)