Frozen sold 1,514,256 BDs and 39,249 3D BDs in Japan… wow
Not even love live! reached that amount, anime is really a niche market.


People at Mokei Factory having fun. I like the little color detail of the wings.

This is the next step with which I descend into the slippery slope ->figures, I want both so I can take them to many adventures in my city.

Jesus the weekly video preview from the rising

  • Ryan sleeping through the whole explanation


  • Sky High&Fire Emblem forgot about Origami Cyclone’s existence.
  • Ivan’s sad existence.

One down three more to go.

From the twitter account of Tomoyuki Ohta, chief editor from Smart magazine:

The adventures of Tiger-chan&Bunny-chan, watching the rising.

For the whole adventure you can go here:

This is the third story featuring the SHFiguarts that I know, the first is the one found with the release of the figures, second one is found in the smart  magazine itself, and third is this one.


_(:3 And here too. I’ve never worked paypal, or done commissions, so prices are bound to change eventually. Bear with me.


Sketches - 5$

Line art - 8$ (or depending on how complex, 10$)

Full color - 15$

Backgrounds optional - 5$ extra

Backgrounds will not be available for lineart. I do backgrounds either messily in sketches, or majority color based. I won’t do them in line art.

UTAU cover art will have a free background. They’ll come with a background regardless for reasons. It’s kind of lame to supply UTAU cover art with no background.

UTAU art that is not in relation to a song will not have a free background. In order to have a free background you must give me the UTAU design concept, AND the song you’re covering. If you just want the UTAU and there’s no song to be covered, the free background isn’t included.

I will not do:


-Intricate Backgrounds


-Porn (ask me about it, though. There’s certain types I’ll do.)

-Gore (again, ask me about it.)


I am allowed to say no to anyone’s commission request, regardless the content. Not allowed for commercial use unless permitted otherwise. When using for UTAU cover art, credit me.

Thanks to mmerdeka&Plush we know that next issue of MJ will have

  • color pages
  • it has some relation with Barnaby.

I am anxious about the contents.


MY BD IS FINALLY IN MY CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


time to think in the money I have to pay ;__;


Cuuute. I wonder what they are saying.
Credit: anon.

I don’t want to get too excited but it seems that my BD is in my country.
I am praying to have it before Saturday.