Is this guy real?

Ugh… this hype to see the TV live action (script by Nishida no less).
I read that they cut some scenes where Saburo is more cold hearted but so far it is interesting.

Thanks to a Bunny fan.
Barnaby’s canon facial roller discarded on the right.


Tiger & Bunny Fan book.

Barnaby and Tiger explain how to use the fan that came with this book. The fan is really nice btw.

Buy it from CDJapan or honto.



Comics are the best thing in the universe and no one can tell me otherwise


Kotetsu is mad… someone is trying to steal his pudding.

I love Karina’s and Ryan’s exchange.




I kinda ship this.

I am starting to think everything was Barnaby’s doing.

I mean, he acts so… calm.

And Ryan’s comment about his glasses, and how he has issues reminds me of drama CD 6, and what anon said about him “a villain on vacation”

Oh god I am reading Agnes x Bison?


The Rising Drama CD has been translated courtesy of anon! There’s rising spoilers that crops up instantly so be aware.

Anon is working in the drama CD.
Thank you anon.

I just realised I never posted any “review” of the movie.
I am working on it.
I am just going to tell you that I am going to talk a lot about the TV series, the beginning ,maybe about the Yoshida/Ueda manga and side Bunny/Tiger specials. And maybe about Nishida himself.
About the special CD, well no english, the chibi intro it is easy to get, Ryan&Ivan made me smile.