>Nobunaga Concerto’s from a manga.
>From what I’ve read so far, they’re kinda faithful in the adaptation.
>Concerto, because there’ll be two Nobunagas here helping out each other. (the concerto term was explained before the end of episode 7)

Well, I am surprised. I am currently dling ep 4.

According to anon:

Yonetani’s autograph board art to be auctioned at a charity event this November.

I was wrong about the Kotetsu and Barnaby mini drama in the Super Prelude event.

This scene happens after Maverick is defeated, both are working in their office.

Kotetsu is in some kind of internal monologue about heroes, salary men and Maverick that ends up in him whining loudly, Barnaby, who was working until then, shuts him up. They talk a bit and the words “hero event” appears, then Barnaby tells Kotetsu “suki desu yo (or something that sounds like it)” twice and Kotetsu is confused, then Barnaby recites his rhyme, and Kotetsu is shocked.

Barnaby seems so proud of his masterpiece he even has the divine light when he finishes, Kotetsu goes back to his monologue but Barnaby interrupts him and asks him something Kotetsu answers with “opera, a capella” surely related to his rhyme and Barnaby gets mad.


I know crappy attempt but it was so amusing.

I want to watch the super prelude event again… I want to laugh at Barnaby being so proud of whatever abomination he cooked up… he looked so proud, until Kotetsu sort of ruined it with that Maverick mention.

Also realised that Kotetsu is the kind of guy that learns through people teaching him stuff, while Barnaby learns by auto evaluation and watching.


They spelt the new duo, no one suspected.

Keith and Ben in one of the “show don’t tell” scenes in the rising.

Anonymous: your fav childhood memory?


Not paying bills

According to anon, the DDoS attack against nyaa’s servers comes from MAL and some butthurt idiot.

Thanks asshole, now that you know you are the “man” can you please stop?

Once again the hashtag


Thank you for your translations, I know how difficult is to write in a foreign language.

Keep practicing!!! I know you’ll be reading/writing in English soon.

I have always used this formula to write or read:

Subject + verb + complement

I usually search for the verb when reading and according to what verb is I know more or less what the text says. I hope this was useful for you.

I understood your translations, well I think I understood your translations.

You are very kind for taking your time and doing them.

Thank you. (๑>◡<๑)